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The Regional Innovation Forum is an initiative of a number of different stakeholders in the Nelson Mandela Bay / Sarah Baartman District Municipality area, under the auspices of the Department of Science and Technology.

The Regional Innovation Forum aims to stimulate, support and promote innovation in the Eastern Cape generally, and in the Nelson Mandela Bay / Sarah Baartman District Municipality area more specifically. This Forum will cover the “Western” region of the Eastern Cape, with further forums to be established in the “Eastern” regions.


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  • Create synergies

    The Forum aims to bring together industry, government and academia in the region through networking and training events, to create an enabling environment for innovation to occur and to create synergies between the role players.

  • Promoting the regional system of innovation

    The Forum brands and promotes the regional system of innovation, which includes relationships with other support organisations such as Propella.

  • Interventions to drive the regional system of innovation

    The Forum enables the participation of SMMEs in all activities and linkages with Provincial government, to drive innovation activities in line with Provincial priorities.

  • Interventions to drive innovation

    The Forum offers funding assistance through a funding database, guidance in the preparation of funding applications, and the review of funding applications.

  • Measurement of impact

    The Forum will develop a position paper for the Department of Science and Technology on measuring impact, and will produce four impact narratives that outline how the Forum has linked people in innovation-type activities.