Deadline: 31 May 2017

Propella Business Incubator (Pty) Ltd has been contracted by the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) to implement an SMME Seed Fund, aimed at assisting knowledge economy-based SMMEs in the Eastern Cape to access bridging finance to advance their innovative ideas to market. The monetary value of the grant funding will range from R50 000 (minimum) to R650 000 (maximum) per project.

This Proposal Call will be limited to the following sectors: Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Circular Economy, Advanced Manufacturing and the Internet of Things (IoT) / Smart City Solutions.

Funding will be directed at SMMEs / entrepreneurs requiring assistance to establish and validate their commercial and technical proof-of-concept via the following activities:

  • Developing initial products, process (as part of comprehensive technology package) and prototypes;
  • Intellectual property (“IP”) support and sourcing of IP opinions;
  • Production of market samples and/or associated testing;
  • Techno-economic evaluation studies;
  • Conducting field studies to test the assumption made about the technology, market and/or customer needs;
  • Refining and implementing designs;
  • Support of certification activities;
  • Piloting outputs and technology scale-up and techno-economic evaluation;
  • Detailed primary market research and
  • Business plan development

The following activities will not qualify for funding support:

  • Working Capital
  • Operational expenses
  • Purchasing of equipment that is not within the applicant’s scope of work and relevant to the allowable activities and objective of their application.

Projects should have the potential for further investment and development by funders.

How to apply

Download the application form.

Please note the qualifying criteria that will be applied to each application.

Completed applications must be submitted via email to Mara Jacobs at by 31 May 2017.