South Africa Economic Update: Innovation for Productivity and Inclusiveness 2017
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A perspective on innovation in South Africa
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South African Science Technology and Innovation Indicators 2016
PDF File size 6.63 MB

South Africa business incubator establishment handbook
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South Africa: Investor’s Handbook 2014/15
PDF File size 11.08 MB

Facts and figures on skills in manufacturing
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Business process services (BPS) sector profile
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Industrial Policy Action Plan (IPAP) in brief: A user’s guide
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South African science, technology and innovation indicators 2014
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How do Sub-Saharan African Science Parks and Innovation Hub initiatives support the building of regional innovation systems?
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Rural Innovation Assessment Toolbox (RIAT)
Various documents on the HSRC website

The Future of Manufacturing – Opportunities to drive economic growth, 2012
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2012 Global Manufacturing Outlook: Fostering Growth through Innovation, 2012
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Book: Sustainable energy – without the hot air, 2008
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Book: Enhancing innovation in South Africa – the COFISA experience, 2010
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COFISA 2030 Scenarios for King Sabata Dalindyebo Municipality, Eastern Cape, 2010
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Report: Regional Economic Impact Assessment of Eastern Cape Universities, 2009
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Three Biotechnology-Related Scenarios for the Eastern Cape, 2009
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Rural development in the Eastern Cape – An initiative for communities to mobilise, 2008
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Report: Limited-scope feasibility study into the establishment of an East London IDZ Science Park, 2008
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Report: Third COFISA Provincial Foresight Workshop in the Eastern Cape, 2008
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