2017 SA Innovation Summit

6 – 8 September 2017, Cape Town, South Africa

The SA Innovation Summit team is ready to ignite an innovation revolution through sharing the stories of our lead entrepreneurs in 2017. We are ready to be your go-to place when you need inspiration, and we will continue to provide you with networks to accelerate your start-up or project to the next level through our competitions, exhibitions, thought leader events, and match and invest platforms.


Science Forum South Africa

7 – 8 December 2017, Pretoria, South Africa

The Science Forum South Africa is inspired by events such as ESOF, AAAS, and the Japan Agora. The key objectives of the Forum are to create a platform for a vibrant debate on the role of science, technology and innovation and society in South Africa; to strengthen South Africa’s strategic international science, technology and innovation partnerships; and to create a platform for senior government leaders, academics, scientists, industry, civil society, and students to interact.


Annual International Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IE 2017)

11 – 12 December 2017, Singapore

Innovation is the introduction and creation of something new, in the form of an idea, skill, product, service or process, that helps improve an organization or society. The IE 2017 hopes to introduce a wider view of innovation as new methods of creating value, and to focus on research that study innovative processes, organisational practices, systems, supply chain design and other mechanisms that are related to operations in practice. This conference aims to explore policies, measures and mechanisms for promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in various areas.