Funding databases

Accessing funding for innovation and the implementation of innovative solutions or systems may be challenging. We recognise this as an issue that hampers innovation and therefore economic growth and development in our region. To this end, the Regional Innovation Forum have developed a database of funding available for innovation-related research and development. Funding has been classified to public sector funding and private sector funding, both in terms of corporate funding and funding made available by Not-for-Profit organisations.

View funding assistance available in the following categories:

Preparing a funding application

You have identified organisations to which you may apply for innovation-related funding. The next step is the preparation of an application for funding. Most funders have a specific template that you must complete. Some, however, do not provide any guidelines in terms of funding applications.

Many funders have noted that the Eastern Cape performs poorly in the preparation of funding applications. Therefore we lose out on funding that should find its way into the regional economy. The Regional Innovation Forum (RIF) notes this phenomenon and to this end, the RIF would like to support members in preparing comprehensive and compelling funding applications.

If you are interested in participating in a funding proposal preparation workshop to be hosted by the Regional Innovation Forum, please email us at info@innovationeasterncape.co.za to be invited to the next workshop.

Alternatively if you require assistance in drafting a funding application, the following service providers may be contacted to provide funding application writing services. It is your (i.e. the applicant’s) responsibility to contact and contract the service provider. The Regional Innovation Forum has not assessed any of the service providers listed below and therefore will not accept responsibility for the services provided by service providers.

Review of funding applications

The Regional Innovation Forum (RIF) provides support to individuals and entities in the preparation of funding applications.

The RIF will contract an experienced service provider to review your draft funding application and provide written feedback in terms of suggested amendments to improve your funding application.

It should be noted that only complete draft funding applications will be reviewed.

All service providers are bound by a confidentiality agreement and therefore all information included in funding applications remains highly confidential.

To make use of this service, please complete the application form.